What is combat Aikido?

What is combat Aikido?
1 August 2023
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Discovering Combat Aikido

Let me dart you out on a fascinating journey. Picture yourself face-to-face with an opponent, and, without throwing a punch or a kick, you can defend yourself and neutralize your adversary nonviolently. Sounds like a feature from a Marvel superhero, right? Well, no. This my dear friends, is the essence of combat Aikido. But, what exactly is this esoteric discipline?

At its core, combat Aikido is a modern version of the traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido. But, unlike its conventional counterpart that mostly steers towards personal enrichment and spiritual development, combat Aikido has a distinct forward lean in terms of self-defense and, well, combat.

Aikido itself means "The Way of Harmony with the Spirit" in Japanese and is the brain-child of Morihei Ueshiba. Developed in the early 20th century, it passionately combines many different martial art techniques, including jujutsu and kenjutsu.

Imagine, I once attended a local Aikido class in Perth with my spouse, Genevieve. We found ourselves hilariously flopping around, trying to implement the so-called "moves of harmony". Whichever deity you believe in, I can assure you, our attempts were anything but harmonious!

The Essence of Combat Aikido

Moving onwards, let's delve into what makes combat Aikido special. Its essence lies in its principle of circular motion. Think about it, even the Earth orbits the Sun in a graceful elliptical pattern! Aikido uses this intuitive natural system to transform violent aggression into a harmonious sweep of body movements.

When an attacker launches towards you, you don't meet force with force; instead, you step aside, redirect the onslaught, and defeat the aggression.

For instance, if someone tries to smack you right in your adorable face, you'd ideally step to the side, grab her or his wrist, and use her or his momentum to guide her or him on a free unplanned trip to the ground.

I kid you not; once, a pesky kangaroo decided to take a jab at me in my backyard in Perth. Luckily, my limited yet nifty Aikido skills saved me. With a quick side-step and firm grasp, I was able to send that pesky marsupial hopping back into the bush with no further fuss!

Training for Combat Aikido

So, how does one train for combat Aikido? Well, it feels like pancake baking. You need the right ingredients, the correct steps, and a dash of patience. Just as you need flour, eggs, milk, and a pinch of honesty for perfect pancakes, you need a good dojo, a competent teacher, patience, and a smidgen of perseverance for mastering Aikido.

You learn many elements during training, from basic footwork and body movements to different techniques for defense. It’s all about blending with the attacker's movements and using their aggression against them. Breathing exercises and meditation sessions are also incorporated to build focus and calmness.

Would you believe it if I told you that Genevieve outpaced me during our Aikido stint? Well, she did. She swiftly mastered a few movements and soon looked like a graceful swan floating amidst a flock of clumsy ducks, yours truly included.

The Relevance of Combat Aikido

Last but not least, let's talk about why combat Aikido holds relevance today. Well, think about it, living in a world rife with conflict and aggression, wouldn't it be great to carry a shield that not merely protects you but also neutralizes hostility?

Combat Aikido empowers you with self-defense skills that are subtly powerful and barely violent. More so, it helps build mental resilience, physical fitness, self-confidence, and harmony with oneself and others. So, it's not just a combat technique; it's a life skill.

An interesting fact is that many police forces and military units worldwide incorporate Aikido techniques in their training. It’s notably evident with the Tokyo Riot Police and the U.S. Secret Service.

All in all, combat Aikido is a martial art that respects not only the practitioner but also the attacker, by minimizing aggression and harm. While most martial arts work on the principle of "fighting fire with fire", combat Aikido pacifies the flames with the cool water of harmony and control. It's about taking a stand without waging a war.

And who knows? With enough practice and perseverance, you too might one day recount a tale of a tamed marsupial using combat Aikido techniques!

Deacon Silversmith

Deacon Silversmith

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