What are the levels of Aikido?

What are the levels of Aikido?
15 August 2023
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Understanding the Aikido Journey

Since my first encounter with Aikido, I, Deacon, have always been drawn to its philosophy and unique approach to martial arts. Aikido isn't just about physically overpowering an opponent. It's about finding harmony and balance, both within oneself and in one's relationship with the world. It's been a challenging and rewarding journey, where each grade or 'kyu' symbolizes a new phase of personal growth. And now, I get the pleasure of sharing this journey with my wife, Genevieve. But let me not get ahead of myself. Let's start from the beginning.

Entering the Aikido Progression Path

The progression path in Aikido starts at eighth kyu. Don't be discouraged by this ranking. Consider it an initiation period rather than a measure of your abilities. This level is about determining if Aikido is a good fit for you and building the necessary foundational skills. I remember when Genevieve and I first began our training; the initial steps were a mixture of confusion and excitement. It's quite an adventure!

Tackling the Embodiment of Basic Techniques

As you venture from eighth kyu to fourth kyu, you begin your journey in earnest, focusing on learning the core techniques of Aikido. Each rank here represents a different stage of mastery over these basics. I recall how my focus switched from struggling with each technique to finding a rhythm and a deeper sense of understanding. These were special moments that made me appreciate Aikido's complexity and beauty even more.

Navigating the Mid-level Mastery

Reaching third kyu signifies the transition from a beginner to an intermediate student. With this comes a need for greater commitment to practice and self-improvement. And let's not forget: responsibility. At this point, others start looking up to you (!), just as I looked up to those before me. It’s a true test of character and skills. But it's also incredibly enriching and rewarding. The joy Genevieve and I experienced in perfecting our techniques and advancing our skills was just priceless.

Pioneering Artistic Expression

Moving to the first and second kyu, you learn to put your unique expressive spin on the techniques you've mastered. It's like learning a musical instrument - at first, you learn how to play notes, then chords, followed by songs. But eventually, you create your music. I felt a newfound freedom at this stage. Each technique became an exploration in creativity and self-expression.

Climbing to the Pinnacle of Aikido

Ahh, the coveted black belt or the Shodan! Reaching this level, however, isn't the end of your journey. Quite the contrary. It's just the beginning of a deeper exploration of Aikido's intricacies. You'll have mastered the fundamental techniques and started to instill your unique flair into your moves. For me, achieving the black belt was a profound personal milestone. But it also reaffirmed my continued dedication to Aikido.

Sailing the Seas of Aikido Enlightenment

Beyond the Shodan, there's Nidan, Sandan, up to the tenth Dan. At these levels, you truly embody the spirit of Aikido, becoming a beacon of inspiration for your fellow dojos. The journey becomes an inner one where you seek self-improvement and perfection in essence. Though I have yet to reach these heights, I can't express how fulfilling it’s been to be on this path.

Leaving the Door Open

The path of Aikido, with its numerous levels and challenges, is a lifetime journey. One that requires commitment, patience, and a genuine love for the art. It's not about the destination; it's about the journey — every stumble, victory, and moment of self-discovery. Remember, learning never really ends. So, as you embark on this path, leave your heart and mind open to the endless possibilities and lessons this beautiful art form has to offer.

Oh, and a little tip from my wife, Genevieve - don't forget to enjoy the journey and have fun! After all, that's what it's all about, isn't it?

Deacon Silversmith

Deacon Silversmith

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